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Scalloping in Steinhatchee

By – Captain Steve Rassel of Last Cast Rass Guide Service



This article appears in the magazine, “Outdoor Sports in the Southeast” Aug.-Sept. ’05 (volume 8, issue 47)


If you have never experienced scallop season in North Florida you might be asking yourself, “Where are all the boats going?”  You start to worry should I have watched the Weather Channel this morning?  Is there a hurricane coming that I do not know about?  Is this an evacuation and if so why are they only taking their boats?  People you did not know even had boats are pulling them out of their garages, out from under the poles barns and off the back forty heading to Steinhatchee.  What’s in Steinhatchee you ask?  Well, besides some of the best sports fishing in North Florida it is now time to enjoy another side of the Gulf, scalloping.  I say another side of the Gulf because this time when you are on the Gulf you will actually be in the Gulf.  Seeing another side, the bottom. Continued...



The items you will need to bring with you for an enjoyable Scallop trip are, mask, snorkel, fins, or water shoes, a mesh bag, towels, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, small cooler with your lunch & drinks, & do NOT forget the waterproof camera!

Last Cast Rass will provide…the license for everyone on your Scallop trip, coolers (while on the boat) ice, dive flags & all other safety equipment.


4 to 6 Hour trips starting at $300.00

To schedule your Scallop trip call Captain Steve Rassel of Last Cast Rass Guide Service at

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