George Lee, Jeff Parrish, Dane Perkins,  Ralph Smith

Bill Fisher Party                                                                                                        Olson Party

                                         Mike Chambers Party                                                       Mike, Larry and Jason Audie Bailey Party                                

Knox,Jake, and Cullen Kerr                                                                               Tom McNeal party

                                        Mike Ford Family                                                                                             Boatright family

                             Justin Holder & Ricky Ray                                                                                  Kelber Charter

Charles Cline Family                                                                                                Bill Fisher party

                    Doug Head party--Doug, Ryan, Scott, Alan                                                             Braddock, Burnside charter

            Clint Marshburn and josh Williams with limit of trout and reds                                                 JC Metcalt and Wife FT Myers

                                              Mr. Cline and sons Charles Paul                                                          Sidney Breaux with son Jason and uncle Mike

                                      Steve Burrells and son                                                                         Another Limit Catch of Trout

                                Tracy Richard and Mike                                                                            Great Day On The Water

Josette Norris, Scott & Marsha Lambert with a limit of Trout & Reds                      Miriam, Madison, Charles & Mark Crosby of Ga.


                             B. Clark With A Nice Catch                                                                                Nice  Limit of Trout


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